How the cloud can streamline your business operations

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According to the IDC, managed cloud services will grow to $74.9 billion by 2022. More and more businesses are turning to Cloud-based services and storage because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness it delivers.

Whether you’re operating alone or running a small business, embracing the Cloud can help you to streamline your operations — and ultimately grow your bottom line. And if you’re not yet convinced, here are a few benefits you may not know about that might change your mind.

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Cloud-based services grow with your business

Too many businesses make the mistake of using unnecessarily complex IT systems. Why pay for more than you need? Cloud-based software and storage systems can be expanded or contracted according to the needs of your business. This means you never waste cash on capacity or IT services you simply don’t need.

Customize your software with ease

Traditional, on-premises IT systems can’t always be easily adapted to the specific needs of a business. They’re often designed on a one-size-fits-all basis, which means you can’t get the most out of them. But with Cloud-based services, you can tailor them to the operational requirements of your organization — often during a short set-up process.

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Cutting-edge security you can rely on

Securing your data the traditional way can be a costly and time-consuming process. It often requires separate antivirus provisions, firewalls, authentication methods and data protection tools — all of which cost money and take time to set up. But when you sign up to Cloud-based services, security comes as part of the deal.

For the cost of a subscription, you not only get the business storage and services you need, but you also get peace of mind. The latest security threats are all dealt with on an automated basis. As soon as a new security measure becomes available, it’s automatically applied to all your data. You don’t have to worry about manual updates, data loss measures or spending extra money on third-party security programs — they’re all taken care of on an ongoing basis.

Remote working is easy and cost-effective

Business doesn’t always adhere to traditional working hours, which means you need to be ready to collaborate with colleagues and clients at all times. Wherever in the world you are, you need to be able to work on projects with key decision-makers. Cloud-based IT services give everyone in your organization their own, unique login credentials. This means you can hold working sessions, collaborative projects and meetings at any time, anywhere in the world. You can also slash transport costs, or give your employees the option to work from home.

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Expert assistance when things go wrong

If you’ve ever experienced technical issues with your in-house IT systems, you know just how disruptive, time-consuming and costly they can be. At best, hardware and software downtime can disrupt customer service and distract your workforce. But the worst-case scenarios include permanent loss of business, as well as damage to your organization’s professional reputation that you’ve worked hard to cultivate.

When you sign up to Cloud-based services such as accounting or enterprise platforms, however, help comes as part of the package. In many cases, things are rectified before you even know there’s a problem. Not only is downtime minimized, but you also get to save a lot of money on maintenance and repairs.

 “Managed cloud services will grow to $74.9 billion by 2022.”


Minimize capital outlay

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of businesses fail during their first year of operation, and only 50 percent reach their fifth year of trading. In order to give your enterprise the best chance of thriving during this critical period, you have to manage cash flow carefully — which means watching every penny of expenditure.

Rather than spend your organization’s precious cash on various forms of hardware and software, save money by signing up to Cloud-based business services. Not only do you get the software platforms you need to run your company, but you also bypass expensive purchases. In most cases, a simple laptop is all you need to access these vital resources.

If money is particularly stretched, you can bypass hardware costs altogether by using existing laptops and mobile devices. Web applications and apps are often used to access Cloud resources, which means you can ask your employees to use their own devices.

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Standardize business practices

Businesses that grow quickly tend to rely on several different services and storage solutions. This happens through necessity, as specific challenges are met with individual solutions. But when this happens, you can end up with several different resources in your business doing pretty much the same thing. This is wholly inefficient and can lead to data islands, relatively high operational costs and poor collaborative efforts between colleagues.

Switching to a Cloud-based enterprise solution standardizes all of your operations overnight. Everyone accesses the same system — for everything from CRM to accounting and everything in between. This not only cuts costs, but it also helps businesses to explore new and exciting business opportunities through increased collaboration and communication.

In short, all you need to take advantage of the business streamlining benefits provided by the Cloud is an Internet-enabled device and a broadband connection.