5 Benefits of Cloud Mobility

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Cloud technology has pretty much taken the business IT world by storm the last several years (no pun intended). And one of the greatest overall advantages of shifting your business IT approach into the cloud is the powerful mobility that cloud computing provides. But you may not yet realize just how much cloud mobility can change your approach to work.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 5 benefits of cloud mobility for your business.

Greater connectivity

One of the best benefits of cloud mobility is the ability to connect better with other people and information. Cloud technology allows people to access mission-critical data and software from anywhere, anytime.

Update reports from the lobby of the doctor’s office? Sure. Update a sales sheet from the couch after a long day out making sales stops? No problem.

Any program or document stored in the cloud becomes instantly accessible from anywhere with an internet device. Plus, changes to documents are available in real time to any other employee or client who has the proper system credentials to access them.

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Better employee work-life balance

Connectivity has the added effect of helping employees manage their work-life balance with far greater efficiency. Because they’re not tethered to the office to access the files and programs they need to work, your employees now have the flexibility to handle those inevitable life issues that crop up.

Sick kid? No problem – working from home is a breeze. Out of town emergency? It happens. Travel with the power to stay connected and remain productive.

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BYOD convenience

Another of the often-discussed benefits of cloud computing is the ability to bring your own device (BYOD). The cloud turns any and all of your internet-accessible devices into potential work devices.

Work from a tablet for a presentation. Edit documents from your smartphone last minute before that sales call. Or, save your company big money by allowing employees to work from their own computers and other devices full-time rather than providing costly devices in-house.

Automated updates

Tired of those annoying updates that keep your company IT manager running around crazy? Or worse, a lack of update strategy might have your employees working via programs and systems that have massive vulnerabilities because they need critical updates. Managing updates takes important time away from focusing on your business mission.

With cloud technology, all the updates are handled by the cloud service provider. This means that all your employees work from fully-updated programs and systems all the time. The benefits to your network security alone are hard to overstate.

Flexible workspace productivity

Employees who believe their workplace effectively uses mobile tech are more productive and satisfied at work. It’s true. Untethering employees from their desks (and even the office itself) means giving them more options to get their work done with greater comfort, which can help with employee retention.

The bottom line

There are so many more benefits to cloud technology beyond mobility. Still, mobility’s effects are hard to overstate. IT has potential to bring greater retention, productivity, and convenience to your business’s workflow and IT approach. So what will your business do with all the newfound freedom?

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