Top 8 Business Benefits of Having Fast Internet

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The internet is now an integral part of almost every business. For your business to run as smoothly as possible, it’s crucial to choose an fast internet that’s both reliable and secure. Fiber-optic internet provides these aspects as well as several other advantages over traditional internet connections.

1. Increased Speed

One of the most important benefits of having fiber internet is increased internet speed. If your employees are spending several hours each day online downloading documents, working with customers or doing research, even a few seconds delay in loading pages can decrease productivity. According to Small Business Trends, a slow internet can add up over time to a loss of thousands of dollars.

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2. Greater Reliability

Fiber-optic internet is not only faster, but is more reliable than copper or DSL. A copper signal can get worse over time and distance, and severe weather conditions can hinder internet reliability. Fiber-optic internet is resistant to inclement weather and corrosion. Independents Fiber Network states that a fiber-optic network is consistent and reliable over great distances.

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3. Stronger Signal

The farther you are from the switch, the more the signal degrades with traditional types of internet. Fiber internet signals stay strong even with increased distance. The more your business grows, the more critical this advantage will become. As work spaces and offices become farther from the source, your employees may struggle with a weak signal if you don’t have fiber-optic internet.

4. Quicker Cloud Access

Increased internet speed and bandwidth capabilities means more quickly accessing any applications and data that are cloud-based. A survey conducted by Right Scale revealed that 96% of respondents are now using the cloud. As computing in the cloud continues to be a primary factor in business growth, having a fiber-optic internet will be crucial for your business to stay competitive.

5. Improved Security

Online security is now a priority for nearly every type of business. Nexus-net lists several security advantages of having fiber-optic internet. For starters, you can monitor your surveillance and security systems from virtually anywhere at any time. A fast internet circuit also provides protection against cybercrime since the only way to penetrate the system is to literally cut the fibers.

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6. Multiple Users Supported

Fast internet will support several individuals working online at the same time. Even a few employees using the internet have the potential to slow down service. Faster internet is particularly important if you have employees who may be using multiple devices throughout the work day. If your company has several employees all needing access to cloud services and applications, anything less than fiber-optic internet will probably not meet the needs of your business.

7. Decreased Stress

Almost everyone has experienced the frustration of working with a slow connection. Not only is it stressful to constantly spend time waiting for websites to download, but a slow internet will increase the worry that work won’t get done in a timely manner. Fiber-optics makes it easier for employees to work together by providing a variety of collaboration options such as chat rooms and online conferencing. A secure, reliable and fast internet will promote a calm, confident work environment.

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8. Money Savings

Each of the previous reasons can add up to increased savings for your company. Working faster with less downtime and fewer worries about security can improve the bottom line of almost any type of business. While the initial investment will likely cost more than using other types of internet, the long-term savings and increased business productivity will be worth it.

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