5 cloud applications for productivity

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As more and more small businesses turn to cloud solutions, business owners must look to cloud-based software applications to help their companies achieve the highest possible levels of productivity. Fortunately, there are many great cloud apps in today’s marketplace that can help businesses streamline their processes and handle everyday tasks efficiently. Here are five of the top cloud applications for business productivity that you should know about.


GoToMeeting is a favorite software among small businesses that are looking to make the most of video conferencing. With a simple ID needed to enter a meeting and data centers worldwide to ensure access from virtually any point on the globe, GoToMeeting is a powerful video conferencing tool that is also easy to use. Meetings hosted on this application are protected by end-to-end SSL encryption, allowing users to send and receive sensitive data without security concerns. Another useful feature of this application is its cloud recording capability, which makes it possible to retroactively review a meeting and share its contents with other people who may find them helpful in the future.


With a prominent place on the 2018 Forbes Cloud 100 list, Hootsuite is one of the best apps out there for productive and efficient social media management. Hootsuite allows you to schedule and curate content across several social media platforms from a single application. This kind of business streamlining is one of the main advantages of cloud applications for increasing productivity in your company. Through the Hootsuite platform, you can also monitor and analyze the performance of your social media channels, making it easier to determine what kind of content is generating the most engagement from your audience.


Zoho is a CRM software that incorporates many essential business functions into a single platform. This CRM facilitates social media marketing, live chat features, customer portals and many other major online business essentials. Zoho also protects all of these functions with strong data security measures, a fact which is critically important in today’s environment of increasingly common cybersecurity threats.


With 81 percent of businesses now using video content to promote their products and services, video creation has become an integral part of modern marketing. Biteable is an application that makes video creation easy and can save your business time and money on film editing. The Biteable interface allows users to quickly create custom videos using professional templates. Biteable also offers users access to a wide selection of music tracks to provide sound for their videos.

Office 365

Used by more than 1.1 million companies, Microsoft’s Office 365 software suite is one of the most popular cloud-based applications in the world. Included in the Office 365 suite are tools for collaboration, data analytics, staff scheduling and even customer appointment booking. Another feature, known as Microsoft PowerApps, will even allow your business to quickly build its own custom software applications and integrate them with other Microsoft products. With so many capabilities, Office 365 is an extremely versatile set of tools that can help your business achieve higher levels of productivity.

These are only a few of the many cloud applications your business can make use of to bolster its productivity. Using these applications in the cloud environment, your team can collaborate effectively, manage its marketing and handle many other essential tasks with speed and ease.