Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

“We have a 10-acre facility and different buildings, and to keep [our technology] all integrated and working, Xpert has been instrumental in helping us do that. The results so far have been fantastic… in clutch situations, there’s always someone there that answers the phone and seems to know what’s going on, so I’d say it’s worked very well, and we’ve been with them for many, many years.

“In today’s world, where privacy is very important… we need to have a robust system to protect that, and we feel that we have that with Xpert.”

– Bob Shuman


  • Needed to integrate new technology into their systems
  • Multiple buildings in need of cabling
  • Unstable network

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How xConnect Helped Shuman

See how we brought fiber internet to Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, transforming how they do business.



Xpert helped Shuman Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram build a network and fiber internet cabling system as the company expanded and underwent major renovation – going from a one-car showroom to a 15 car showroom, as well as going from 10 salesmen to 22 salesmen. Xpert worked with them every step of the way with flexible services that allowed Shuman to rely on them whenever they feel over-burdened with handling their organization’s IT on their own.

Xpert also helped the company integrate new technologies and software upgrades into their dealership seamlessly. The company is up-and-running, and whenever they do come across a technical problem (like their server or phone systems going down), they are backed with the assurance that Xpert will jump right in and provide quality backups and resolutions to meet any and every challenge.

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