Good Cable Management vs. Bad Cable Management

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Some businesses give little thought to their cable management. Their primary focus is on getting the network up and running as soon as possible, which makes it challenging to put proper cabling in place.

However, bad cable management can have a long-lasting impact on business operations and cause many issues over time. Proper cable management makes a measurable difference for your company and delivers many useful benefits.

With good cable management, here’s what you can expect to see.

Shortened Periods of Downtime

Troubleshooting network problems is a difficult task when you’ve got bad cabling. Your technicians may not know where devices are connected. They’ll have to spend valuable time working their way through the cables jumbles to figure out where the problem is. Extended downtime is a costly prospect for many companies, so good cabling can save a lot of time and trouble in this situation.

A Professional Appearance

Does your office or data centers get visits from clients, vendors, upper management and other persons of note? When the network cables look more like a spider’s web than an organized arrangement, you don’t give a good first impression.

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Good cable management can be a work of art that shows off how organized your organization is.

Optimized Performance

Bad cabling doesn’t let you maximize network performance. You end up with signal interference that slows everything down. Worse still, disorganized cables can get pinched, which can cause them to malfunction and break.

The consequences of these problems quickly become apparent.

Employee productivity goes down and projects get off schedule because it takes a long time to access vital data. Applications encounter timeouts and other errors due to the latency. All of these small inconveniences add up quickly.

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Proper cable management can keep everything together in a neat and tidy arrangement. You can also sufficiently cool all of the hardware because wires won’t interrupt optimal airflow. You’ll also minimize signal noise by avoiding the areas with the greatest interference or using equipment that is less sensitive to this problem.

Easy Future Upgrades

What happens when you need to upgrade your organization with new technology, or if you need to expand your current office? Lousy network cabling means that your technicians will have to spend a lot of time untangling everything and trying to organize the chaos. The entire process experiences a slowdown due to a lack of centralization or any sort of logical configuration.

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Good cable management results in relatively painless upgrades and moves. You drastically reduce the resource requirements for these projects, so you don’t have to shy away from upgrades that can make significant performance improvements for your company.

Get Good Cable Management from the Xperts

Proper cabling in the network environment is a vital part of your infrastructure. Good cable management improves network performance, increases productivity, reduces troubleshooting time and makes the workplace safer. Your business operation will see the benefits from this cabling approach in the short and long-term.

The catch? It’s a bit of a doozie to tackle by yourself.

Luckily, the experts at Xpert are always at the ready to help your organization. We’re experienced with managing networks and technology alike, and we’d love to help you too. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today.