IT Support Hat Trick: 3 Famous Red Wings Quotes That Can Teach You About Superior IT Support

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We love hockey. This means we love the Red Wings, because they are the greatest hockey team in the history of hockey. We’ve followed our favorite players with awe for decades, and we actually found a few of our favorite quotes from our favorite players that inspire how we work with our clients.

We hope you like them and that they help you understand what goes into building a superior IT support strategy.

On Reigning Supreme…

“The Stanley Cup is not something you can keep forever. You have to earn it every year you play.” – Gordie Howe

The late Gordie Howe was arguably the greatest hockey player of all time. He played over 2,421 games over 32 seasons combined in the WHA and NHL, scored 975 goals, over 1,900 points with assists, and an astonishing 50 hat tricks. He also holds the record of the oldest player (52), and most all star appearances at 23.

We admire this quote because it speaks to the importance of perseverance and endurance. Gordie was talking about how even the best hockey players have to get out there again every season and prove themselves all over again. That’s exactly how we feel about managed IT services.

Managed IT solutions, like a sports franchise, should not be defined by their biggest wins, but by the ongoing operations that make them a success.

One pitfall that non-tech savvy decision makers in companies often fall into is that they believe after they have their IT network established, they are finished. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you want to maintain the best hockey franchise, you need to invest time and resources in monitoring your players progress. If you want a winning IT network, you need to constantly monitor for anomalies in order to improve productivity.

We believe that the best managed service providers will offer solutions that fit your business need and that will continue to improve over time.

On a Good Defense

“You have to pay attention to details to have success in the playoffs. You can’t take anyone lightly.”

– Nicklas Lidstrom

Nicklas Lidstrom played for 20 season for the Red Wings, with 6 of them as captain. He is widely considered one of the finest defensemen in the history of the NHL.

Nicklas knew that a good defense depended on details, and on not taking anything for granted out on the ice. That’s the same way you have to think about your IT defense.

When choosing a managed service provider, it’s important to work with a company that can help you build a solid cybersecurity solution to defend against cyberattacks, insider threats, and human error.

Out on the ice, a good defense might save you from a cross check and face plant. In your business, it will save you from massive financial and reputational losses that are often the result of downtime due to  cyberattacks and employees who take their eyes off the puck. One recent report found that just an hour of downtime can cost a company up to $100,000. Another from the medical field found that if a cyberattack results in data loss, it might cost you up to 31% of your customers.

Making your business an industry champion will require a solid security plan.

On Adaptability

“I also feel I adapted. I was willing to try to fit into any role. The way I figured, it was always up to me to prove my worth, that I deserved to be here.” – Steve Yzerman

Steve Yzerman lead the Red Wings to 3 first-place regular seasons and 3 Stanley Cups. He holds the NHL record as the longest-serving captain of a single team, with 19 seasons sporting the “C” on his jersey.

Steve understood that to succeed in his career, adaptability was key. This is exactly the mentality to have when you work with your MSP on a solid IT solution.

As a Red Wing, Steve learned to be a player, a leader, and a champion. In business, you’ll need to learn to adapt new business technologies to increase productivity and help your employees collaborate.

Here at Xpert Technologies, one example of our dedication to adaptability is our xPhone VoIP system. We’ve created a system that integrates into your current IT infrastructure, operates across devices, and keeps your business communicating wherever you have an internet connection.

Adaptability will ensure that your business continues to grow and progress.

What does that mean for your business?

Talk about three guys who knew how to play some hockey! We hope you enjoyed how those quotes inspire us here at Xpert Technologies. Happy New Year, and as always give us a call or send us a message if you’d like to chat more about IT solutions…or hockey.