4 major business advantages of outsourcing your IT support

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Given that your IT typically involves sensitive information, it’s only natural that your first instinct is to keep your IT team in-house.

After all, a full-time IT member can be trained on your business’s specific privacy needs and learn their way around your platforms.

However, there are many advantages to outsourcing your IT support.

A specialized team located off-site can typically accomplish the same goals as a full-time team member, all while ushering several distinct advantages and yielding great results.

Here are four benefits to outsourcing your business IT support.

1. Save money

While you might think having IT in-house gives you more control over your expenses, quite the opposite can be true.

Outsourcing your IT to a managed provider may actually help you reign in IT-related costs.

You will only be responsible for a negotiated contract fee, you can wave goodbye to paying benefits to a full-time employee. You’ll also appreciate that there is one less employee submitting expense reports.

If a major issue crops up, your outsourced team can handle it without billing you for overtime.

2. Get more time back

When you delegate your IT to an outsourced professional, you free up loads of resources to focus on what you do best.

Taking IT off your plate means you get to drill down on other key operations like accounting, employee training, and R&D.

In other words, time is money.

Even if you’re not fully outsourcing your IT support elsewhere, having a complementary outsourced IT partner can help your internal team gain back time to focus on other IT projects, too.

Did you know? During a year’s time, an employee may spend 91 hours a year just trying to get his or her computer to work properly.

3. Access the latest technology

Even a savvy in-house IT expert may not be able to introduce the newest technology and software to your business if your budget doesn’t allow for it.

Staying on top of the newest cloud options and security protocols is also a time-consuming endeavor.

However, an outsourced team is specialized in staying on top of tech changes – after all, it’s their job.

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Your off-site team will let you know when something new is available, saving you hours of research time.

They’ll help you implement the latest solutions, keeping you ahead of your competition, which gives your business an edge.

4. Around-the-clock attention

Data breaches, viruses, and hardware failures don’t care what your working hours are.

An IT issue won’t be polite enough to happen while you have time to handle it.

Outsourcing means a dedicated team of IT professionals will leap to your aid at any hour.

They can jump in to offer disaster recovery or backup support and leave you to handle the other vital operations of your business.

But the true benefit of having managed services isn’t in the cat-and-mouse game of break/fix IT – it’s the benefit that comes from having a strategic partner that knows how to avoid these issues before they happen in the first place.

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Our team of professionals helps your organization grow and succeed by handling these issues for you. We can unlock the benefits of outsourced IT for your organization.

If have any questions about IT support, whether in-house or outsourced, reach out to us today.

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