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Business managers are constantly on the hunt for ways to take their company to the next level. Finding a great IT consultant to forge the road with you can help you get there much more quickly. By partnering with Xpert Technologies, you’ll have that partner with you on that journey.

Here’s how we can help you along the way.

Xpert Technologies team member

Boost your productivity

Productivity is always at the forefront of business managers’ minds. How can we be more productive? What can I do to help? Is there a more simple solution for things we’re doing now? In researching an article, Time Magazine discovered one of the main obstacles businesses now face with boosting their productivity is having the wrong technology in place.

The very reason technology exists is supposed to be to make business easier. When you have the wrong technology in place, you may be treading water, or even slowly sinking.

Your IT consultant from Xpert Technologies can help you find the best route to enhanced productivity through the right technology. Once you have everything in place, your team members will be able to communicate and collaborate easily with both on-site and remote employees, make suggestions for time management and customer service enhancements, such as VoIP and fiber optic Internet, and help you see the straightest path to where it is you want your business to be.

Reduce or eliminate downtime

One of the most obvious productivity and growth killers in business is downtime. The more you grow, the less tolerable downtime becomes.

Visualizing the cost of downtime

The graph below (source: Gartner) will show you the percentage of companies that require a guarantee of 99% uptime or greater. It will also show you the amount of downtime associated with each fraction of 99% uptime guarantees. Although it doesn’t seem like much, anything less than 99.999% can be extremely costly to your business. That’s why 72% of companies are requiring at least a four 9’s (99.99%) uptime guarantee.

Pie chart

99% (87.66 hours of unplanned annual downtime)
99.9% (8.76 hours of unplanned annual downtime)
99.99% (52 minutes of unplanned annual downtime)
99.999% (5.25 minutes of unplanned annual downtime)
99.999% (52 seconds of unplanned annual downtime)

Total stats

Your IT consultant will review your network, find any shortcomings and “holes” in your infrastructure, and systematically eliminate the problems. Working closely with them to inform them of your problems and concerns is the fastest way to a permanent solution. Even TechRepublic says forming a relationship with your IT consultant is key to success.

In addition, your IT consultant will remotely keep an eye on your network, watching for any issues which might spring up. Upon discovery, they will handle the issue before it can evolve into a problem that could create downtime. This extends to your email, your data, your software, your systems, all the way to your Internet connection. When you have a watchful eye over everything, downtime quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Focus on what’s important – your bottom line

In your position, you’re charged with keeping your organization productive while simultaneously watching over your budget. At Xpert Technologies, we’re charged with making sure your tech keeps you on that road.

While break/fix companies charge you large amounts to come into your office and make changes or repairs (which likely eats deeply into your budget), an IT consultant charges you a flat monthly fee, making budgeting easy. In fact, 82% of companies say that solutions from their IT consultants have saved them money.


“Even TechRepublic says forming a relationship with your IT consultant is key to success.”


You’ll come to rely on the experience and expertise of your IT consultant for all tech matters  – from getting the most out of the technology you have now, to making scalable purchases which will grow along with your company.

Once you’re comfortable your technology is sailing smoothly and can handle anything you throw at it, you can venture into the world of business growth with confidence that your company is up to the challenge.

The IT consultants at Xpert Technologies are ready to journey with you

The road to business growth and success is a confusing and difficult one. The more preparation and help you have along the way, the easier the road becomes to navigate. Your business partners at Xpert Technologies have been down this road many, many times before. So, let’s go! We know the way.