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Fiber internet will help you be ready for advances in technology.

Speed & Stability

Fiber internet can make your internet connection faster and more stable than ever – and it can be a breeze to install. Fiber optic cable sends data with pulses of light through glass and plastic, allowing for a much faster connection than a traditional coaxial cable. It isn’t a brand new invention, but it only recently became viable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Gbps download and upload speeds
  • Reduced latency and signal degradation
  • Not susceptible to electrical interference

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Why xConnect?

Benefits of Fiber Internet

Fiber internet through xConnect is one of the best ways to achieve internet speeds you never thought possible without sacrificing stability or accessibility. Businesses waste countless hours of productivity each year thanks to technological hiccups, slow internet, flawed processes, and other inefficiencies. Fiber internet seeks to rectify these problems by empowering businesses to solve their problems with the power of the fastest commercially available internet connection.

Minimize downtime

Save hours of productivity lost to slow internet

Open the door to advanced technology solutions


Fiber Internet: The Future of Connectivity

If you aren’t familiar with fiber internet, this quick read will tell you all about the top ten benefits of xConnect.

Why xConnect?

Xpert Technologies has been serving Detroit and its surrounding communities for years. Our skilled team of technicians has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help your business properly leverage technology. xConnect will help you achieve lighting-fast internet speeds and prepare you for the next generation of digital technology.

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