What should be included in your cybersecurity awareness training

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Your cybersecurity awareness training should encompass several topics. Generally, you should discuss the overview, benefits, and risks of each subject. Once the awareness training is complete, your employees should be conversant with the following issues:


Phishing occurs when an email with suspicious links ends up in an employee’s inbox. If the employee clicks on the link, they may be asked to submit some information such as their password or security question. Therefore, your security training should warn employees of phishing tactics.


Certainly, passwords will remain the primary authentication tool for many years to come. So your cybersecurity awareness training should touch on the creation and protection of strong passwords. Employees should understand why using multiple passwords is a good thing.

Removable Media

Portable data devices such as hard drives and USB drives are prone to misuse. This means your team should understand the proper use of removable media and how these devices can compromise the organization’s cybersecurity.

Social Engineering

Criminals can use social habits and connections to dupe employees. Consequently, your employees must know the signs and structure of a social engineering attack. They should know that a seemingly harmless social conversation can lead to the loss of sensitive company information.

Physical Security

Certain sections in your organization will need special access privileges. Your cybersecurity training should emphasize the importance of crossing doors and keeping strangers away from secure places. They should also learn to identify suspicious characters within the physical premises.

Mobile security

Mobile devices have become an integral part of corporate operations. Your employees will send and receive sensitive information via mobile phones. Nevertheless, the employees should learn the importance of protecting mobile devices from unauthorized access. If hackers lay their hands on one of your employee’s devices, they can cause extensive damage to your organization.

Internet and email security

Your internet infrastructure and email addresses can come under attack from hackers. In that light, your cybersecurity awareness training program should introduce your employees to internet infiltration and email hijacking. Each employee should identify and stop suspicious internet requests.

Public Wi-Fi

Sometimes, your employees may have to meet clients in their offices or restaurants. The employees may be forced to use public Wi-Fi to access your company’s data. When they do that, they should know the importance of using a VPN and how to stay vigilant on public Wi-Fi.

Working remotely

Several global shifts have necessitated remote working. Employees are connecting to the company portal from various locations. The remote connections need to adhere to cybersecurity protocols. Your employees must learn to practice security awareness when they’re working remotely.

Cloud security

Most of your data will be in the cloud. So if somebody steals the login details, they can compromise the safety of cloud information. Your employees should understand the risks of cloud data storage and how they should use security measures when accessing cloud information.

Social media use

Many corporations are moving their operations to social media. This is where most of your clients will come from. Your employees must understand effective security protocols when they are browsing social media. That is to say, they should know that not everybody on social media is a client.

Security at home

As indicated above, some of your employees may be working from home. In some instances, hackers may physically enter the home and steal company information. Therefore, your employees must learn how they can secure their homes.

Educate your employees

To sum it all up, cybersecurity is rapidly evolving. Hackers and cybercriminals are getting craftier by the day. The best way to protect your business is to educate your employees on what to be on the lookout for, and the experts at Xpert Technologies can guide you through the process. 

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