Custom BioGenic Systems

“Our experience with [Xpert] right now has been excellent. There’s usually a daily need for some sort of interaction with someone from the IT group and they’re very quick to respond. Problems are resolved fast for us…being able to get our questions or problems resolved in a timely fashion. It seems to have worked out very well picking Xpert as our IT experts…they understand what has to be done, they’re very courteous. When there’s an issue or problem they start from the beginning. Xpert is excellent at IT.”

– John Brothers, Custom Biogenic Systems


  • Outgrew IDM
  • IT needs not being met
  • Daily need for IT support
  • Help with expansion

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Custom Biogenic Systems was outgrowing its IT resources, and their previous provider couldn’t manage all the changes. That’s when they reached out to Xpert Technologies.

They had experienced some challenges and Xpert Technologies made it comfortable to make the switch. With their quick response and resolution times, Xpert Technologies was just the right fit for CBS. As they continue to expand, CBS is confident Xpert Technologies has the expertise and know-how to help them achieve their goals.