Page Toyota/Page Honda

“They never give me a reason to not want to renew [a contract] with them, and they never give me a reason to question the decisions that we come to once we make those decisions. They follow through with everything, and if it doesn’t work, they fix it and make it work, and that’s the best that you can ask for.”

– Terri Pelley


  • Outdated IT infrastructure and poor business internet
  • Old server
  • Needed new technology to keep up with changing market

Services Delivered


Additional Services



Xpert Technologies came in on a consultative basis to discuss the growing technology needs of Page Toyota/Page Honda. Xpert eventually became the company’s fully outsourced IT department, carrying out multiple complete IT infrastructure overhauls to keep the company competitive with the changing market.

Xpert manages their servers, exchange email, backups, PCs, networks, and fiber business internet connectivity (known as xConnect) throughout both of the company’s facilities. By forming personal relationships and consulting on a regular basis with the team at Page Toyota/Page Honda, Xpert is able to resolve problems quickly and handle all of the company’s IT needs in a reliable and efficient manner.