North Star Aerospace

“Xpert brings some technologies and ideas that I don’t have on my staff already. This allows me to expand my staff without actually expanding my staff. I can leverage their ideas that are beyond the technology resources that I have available on hand… What I like and think is unique is that they’re willing to listen. They’re not dead set in their ideas, best practices, and directions – and it’s a good interaction between my staff and the Xpert team… I would give Xpert five stars.”

– Scott Crego


  • Inconsistent upgrades and outdated data backups
  • Lack of technology cohesiveness between sites
  • Network was not scalable or up-to-date

Services Delivered


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With Xpert’s help, North Star Aerospace was able to go from outdated tape backups to a robust remote data backup solution (xBackup) that’s used across multiple sites with redundant backups stored offsite.

Xpert also upgraded the company’s old analog phones to a centrally hosted VoIP system (xPhone), that is maintained and managed by the Xpert team. Xpert works with the team at North Star Aerospace, listening to suggestions and feedback to provide the most mutually beneficial interaction possible.