Future Fence Company

“I really account for Xpert’s unique ability to respond quickly to errors or issues that we have at the company. Their online [ticket] system that responds immediately after you send an email is very comforting… there’s always a personal touch to it when one of the different techs call and ask what outside of the email is the issue… and their response time of having issues corrected or having the knowledge of what to do is a testament to their knowledge of their field. It’s helped us to maintain our speed and accuracy without losing or having downtime.”

– Joe Hollowell


  • Server issues in regards to storage
  • Day-to-day IT support issues that slowed down the business
  • Keeping up with software and license upgrades

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Xpert Technologies consulted with Future Fence Company to gain a full understanding of their business as well as the challenges they faced. Xpert provided an efficient system for support ticket responses and went the extra mile by adding personal touches like having an IT support member call to get more details of a problem.

With xComplete, Future Fence Company has the assurance that they will get quick responses for the opening and closing of their IT support tickets. They can continue their work day without having to halt or stop an opportunity, leading to reduced downtime and increased growth.

They were able to resolve their server storage issue by purchasing a completely new server – along with all software licensing – through Xpert, with competitive pricing that kept in line with their budget. They’ve experienced a growth rate of 15% and have increased staff in the office by 17 members. By having a scalable IT infrastructure that keeps up with their growth, along with Xpert’s unique ability to respond to problems quickly, Future Fence Company is able to maintain a level of speed and productivity that provides tremendous value.