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“One of the different things is that they listen. Brad truly understands our business… he can see from an IT perspective what’s going to benefit you – from how you’re running your business now to what you can be and grow into. That’s what I think is most beneficial. I wish I would have had them from the beginning of us opening our doors because I probably would have saved quite a bit of money.”

– Diana Rotondo


  • Support issues
  • Phone challenges
  • No IT strategy

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The team at Xpert Technologies took the time to understand AiN’s business and conformed their entire company through technology upgrades, day-to-day support, and business communications solutions.

The employees at AiN no longer have to waste time dealing with computer or Internet issues, and can rely on Xpert to handle their day-to-day support needs quickly and efficiently. With xPhone, Xpert was able to integrate their 20-person conference room to AiN’s existing business phone system, giving the company a dedicated line to service and communicate with customers seamlessly. On top of that, Xpert was able to provide a strategic IT plan that truly aligned the right solutions to their business needs and goals.