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Our IT consultants give your business a competitive edge

Business managers are constantly on the hunt for ways to take their company to the next level. Finding a great IT consultant to forge the road with you can greatly help you to get there much more quickly. By partnering with Xpert Technologies, you’ll have that partner with you on that journey.
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Five actionable ways to optimize office bandwidth

Improve network speed and reduce consumption by implementing these five methods to optimize bandwidth in your office.
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Strengthen your business communications with xPhone

The xPhone is the ultimate business communications system. That prefixing ‘x’ signifies exceptional potential improvements to your existing solution, no matter the size of your organization. With the xPhone, there’s no equipment to install or maintain. Configuration is much simpler too.

Fiber internet is the way of the future

The golden standard of internet connection, fiber internet is able to transmit data faster over longer distances – making it the fastest option available. The amount of time you spend waiting may not seem like a lot, but slow internet connections cost employees one week per year of productivity.
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Turn your business dreams into reality with managed IT services

Partnering with a managed IT service provider can help you grow your business to the next level and surpass your rivals. A managed service provider (MSP) assumes all responsibility for your technology and provides a broad range of IT services to your business.
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Business process improvement with xCloud

When you’re ready to take your business to new heights, you need to ensure you and your team have the greatest advantage when performing their everyday tasks. An incredible first step in this direction is to find out what bringing Cloud computing can do for your office.
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Ensure business continuity with our backup and data recovery services

In today's business world, you need a backup and data recovery plan and a business continuity plan. Without both, you're working without a safety net. Xpert Tech has the expertise on the team to make sure that both are in place – just in case that day comes along when you'll need it.
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What makes up your Xpert MSP

For the last two decades, businesses have become increasingly dependent on technology. Many MSPs provide adequate service, but only that. What sets Xpert Technologies apart as a top-tier MSP: Invest in our clients' futures and treat every encounter as an opportunity to do something great.

VoIP: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

VoIP, in its purest form, is a phone system that operates off of your internet connection rather than an archaic landline. The best VoIP operates through a fiber connection, which exponentially faster than an old-school landline.
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IT Support Hat Trick: 3 Famous Red Wings Quotes That Can Teach You About Superior IT Support

Managed IT solutions, like a sports franchise, should not be defined by their biggest wins, but by the ongoing operations that make them a success.