technology on yachts

The Best Yacht Technology Trends of 2017, with Predictions for 2018

One cool thing we noticed is that the better the IT industry gets, the better technology we see showing up on yachts. Here are a few of the best tech trends we saw in 2017.

Goodbye Landline, Hello VoIP

If your office is operating on a landline phone, you are using the same technology that was invented in the 19th century and perfected in the 20th century. In other words, it’s so last century.
fiber is like sailing

How Fiber Internet Is a Lot Like Sailing

You’re sitting there watching the water lap at the side of the boat one moment and then with a few maneuvers you are flying. That’s fiber.
Google Fiber

Google Fiber and the Internet Arms Race

Google fired the starting pistol that began the high-speed, high-stakes internet arms race. The name of the game is speed and all parties concerned are working to raise download and upload speeds in an effort to provide the fastest possible internet.
Managed services include infrastructure support

How Managed Services Change the IT Game

We live in a time of change for businesses. Businesses are changing…

Understanding Ransomware

What looks like the attachment could actually be ransomware waiting to hold your system hostage. Better understand this trending form of cyber attack.
Concept of stress and confusion of a businessman who isn’t using IT solutions.

How to Solve Your Biggest Pain Points with Simple IT Solutions

The first step of resolving a problem is identifying where the complication originates. From there we will begin to unravel your company’s biggest pain points with simple, hassle-free IT solutions.