Data loss symbolized by a burning paper.

The Top Causes of Data Loss

Data loss is scary, and there are plenty of reasons for it to strike your business. It’s best to stay prepared.
Data Disasters symbolized by a hard drive.

Your Guide to Avoiding Everyday Data Disasters

Several types of disasters can result in data loss. Here are steps you can take to make sure you're protected.
BDR representation

Your Go-To Guide to BDR Planning

There are many organizations and resources out there that can help you set-up an effective BDR plan for your company. Heck, we’re one of them.
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The Importance of Good Technology in Business

Is all modern business technology inherently “good” technology? In short – no. Not by a long shot.
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Ensure business continuity with our backup and data recovery services

In today's business world, you need a backup and data recovery plan and a business continuity plan. Without both, you're working without a safety net. Xpert Tech has the expertise on the team to make sure that both are in place – just in case that day comes along when you'll need it.