The Struggles of Slow Internet Speed

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Internet speed got you down? If you want fast internet, you’d be better off moving to Latvia than settling down in middle America. Or South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, or Finland. Getting the idea? The US isn’t even in the top 10 countries of the fastest average connection speeds worldwide, according to 5 Sad Facts About America’s Ridiculously Slow Internet. The struggles of slow Internet speed can be felt throughout the country, and here are a few reasons why many Americans still cannot access quality internet services.

Broadband Investment Slows Down Internet Speed.

The limitations of expanding broadband access across the country requires laying cross-country fiber-optic cables, as well as strenuous hours of hard labor in wiring-up individual houses. It is expensive and time-consuming but necessary if every American is going to have access to a very important economic resource. However, Internet service providers are investing less and less per year in actually getting it done, which is why America’s internet still runs slowly in 2016, usually under 25 Mbps.

Are We Using Internet Speed as a Utility or A Consumer Product?

The government is still attempting to define Internet speed into two basic categories of services: utilities or consumable products. Essential utilities: electricity, water, and–in cold climates– natural gas. At the other end of the spectrum are luxury goods such as pay TV and premium cable services. As we are in a country where broadband access is fundamentally important for employment, healthcare, and education, it makes people wonder if the Internet is truly an inessential service.
If slow Internet speed is weighing you down, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be thrilled to help you find methods to amplify the speed.