Strengthen your business communications with xPhone

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American journalist Earl Wilson once quipped, “Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.”

Respectfully, Xpert Technologies would like to disagree. If Earl were alive today, we believe he would be so impressed by the xPhone that he’d happily downgrade the coffee break to second place.

The xPhone is the ultimate business communications system. That prefixing ‘x’ signifies exceptional potential improvements to your existing solution, no matter the size of your organization.

In business terms, standing still means falling back. While there’s not always room to increase hardware, scope and price, margins can be increased by improving efficiency and cutting costs. That’s why you need to keep up with hosted solutions, such as the xPhone.

Let’s look at some of the xPhone’s best features to see how you can profit from stronger business communications:

Person using mobile phone and tablet

Cheaper, simpler calls forever

The xPhone is a hosted phone system. This means that calls are made over the internet using our robust IP network, rather than over a major phone company network. These calls are known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Because the xPhone is a hosted system, there’s no equipment to install or maintain. Configuration is much simpler, too. Your monthly costs remain predictable and reduced, especially when compared to the cost of installing and maintaining a premise-based system. The xPhone integrates with your existing ICT infrastructure, and expert professionals at Xpert Technologies provide technical support 24/7.

The xPhone system is agile and scalable, allowing for greater accessibility and freedom. It integrates with mobile devices regardless of location. With xPhone, you can grow your communications infrastructure along with your business.

The xPhone system is a tested and reliable business communications tool. If something should fail (due to a power outage, for example), backup solutions allow your business to carry on without skipping a beat. Upgrades are performed through our service cloud without you needing to do anything. With one IP network carrying both voice and data, everything is simpler.

Lastly, using the xPhone delivers a better buying experience for the customer, who will be then more likely to return for repeat business. With the aid of a simple web portal, xPhone also empowers your employees by giving them control over their own IP phones.

So, what makes the xPhone so exceptional for streamlining business communications? Here’s a brief overview of the xPhone’s key features:

Computer telephony integration

Imagine the time you could save each day by being able to make and receive phone calls from your PC, with just the click of a mouse. Multiply this by the number of people you employ, and then consider the savings associated. You’ll begin to understand how the xPhone quickly pays for itself.

The xPhone CTI Client provides you with easy access to contact data, wherever it’s stored, and sets up the connection immediately. You can receive and forward calls just as easily.


“With the xPhone, there’s no equipment to install or maintain. Configuration is much simpler too.”


Presence management

Fed up with trying to call a colleague, only to wonder why he’s not answering?

xPhone relieves that frustration by storing an updated presence status for all your colleagues. It can display whether they’re currently in the office, on the road, on vacation, or sick. This feature is accessible even when you’re out of the office. xPhone also allows you to tailor your voicemail greetings, and enables or disables call forwarding according to presence status.

Online conferencing

The xPhone system enables online conference calls with up to 100 participants. Team meetings, online training sessions, and sales presentations delivered directly to leads can all be set up quickly.

Conference calling is a wonderful addition to your business communications plan. Note that this feature is available only with the xPhone Premium Service.

xPhone can be used on any computer, VoIP phone or mobile device

Automating workflows

xPhone isn’t only a business telephone system. It integrates all your existing communication tools into one optimized business communications hub. Instant messaging, emails, faxes, texts, and voicemails can all be triggered automatically, streamlining business processes.

By clicking a phone number on the interface, suppliers can be dialed automatically. You can make repeat orders with ease. Using the web portal wizard, you can design workflows to operate precisely as you wish.

The xPhone business phone system from Xpert Technologies is a powerful package. It will improve the efficiency of your business communications at the same time as reducing your costs.