Free Yourself from Slow Internet Speeds with Fiber Internet

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As business becomes more and more digitized, slow internet speeds aren’t just an inconvenience; they can be a dangerous source of downtime that costs your business significant amounts of money. Conscientious business owners should take the necessary steps to ensure that their business is always connected, and never wanting for more bandwidth.

Aging infrastructure can be a barrier to achieving speedy internet connections. Old copper wire connections have limited speed and reliability in comparison to modern alternatives, particularly fiber internet.

Fiber: The Future of the Internet

Fiber optic cabling, which uses glass and plastic to carry information via light, is the key to the future of internet speed. A properly installed fiber internet connection can reach incredible gigabit speeds and beyond.

Expanding commercial access to fiber internet will be a key facet of Detroit’s economic revival. A tech-friendly environment is key to drawing new businesses to the region. Existing businesses stand to benefit just as much. Stable, fast internet connections allow companies to streamline their operations and properly leverage the data at their disposal.

Michigan’s fiber access rate is currently quite low; only 7.1% of Michiganders have access to fiber-optic internet service. Here in Wayne County, that number is even lower at 0.5%. Getting on board with fiber internet early will give local businesses an advantage and help foster a forward-thinking culture of technology in the region.

For more extensive reading on fiber internet, check out our whitepaper. In the meantime, here are five of the top benefits you’ll experience with a fiber internet connection.

Benefits of Fiber Internet in the Workplace

1. Unparalleled Speed

There’s simply no affordable and available way to achieve better internet speed than with fiber internet. Some providers offer upwards of 100 gigabit speeds, but even a single gigabit connection is incredibly powerful, capable of downloading a two-hour HD movie in 25 seconds.

2. Minimal Latency

With current infrastructure, some signals can lag or decay when traveling long distances. With fiber optic connections this is mostly done away with, since information is carried over a faster and more stable luminal connection.

3. Security

It’s practically impossible to tap into a fiber internet connection. The only way to access a fiber optic cable is to physically cut into it, but the nature of fiber optic cable means that any breach will disrupt the signal running through it.

4. Communications Potential

Having increased broadband doesn’t just speed up your internet surfing. Fiber internet makes HD video conferencing and crisp audio more accessible than ever. If your business has multiple locations or regularly engages clients or vendors across long distances, there’s no substitute for high-quality communications technology.

5. Stability

Since they don’t contain any metal and don’t carry electrical signals, fiber optic cables are immune to atmospheric and weather-related disturbances. This is crucial to preventing weather-related downtime, which can claim hours of productivity each year.

xConnect for Your Business

At Xpert Technologies, we call our fiber offering xConnect; it’s an exciting way to superpower your business’s connection to the world, and is a great way to prepare your business for a full migration to the cloud, a larger infrastructure overhaul, or a wave of growth.

If you’re curious about how xConnect or one of our other managed service offerings can benefit your business specifically, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is on standby to help your business reach its full potential as Detroit reclaims its status as an American economic dynamo.