Why You Need an IT Support Specialist

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You might have an image in your head of what an IT support specialist looks like and what they do all day. This is likely an inaccurate perception, however. IT support has evolved alongside technology, and the days of tech support personnel sitting behind a phone waiting for a call are over. IT support specialists are proactive professionals who perform numerous services to keep your business running smoothly.

If your business doesn’t currently enlist the services of an IT support specialist, you could be missing out.

An IT Support Specialist Knows Your Business

When you work with an IT specialist, a key part of their job is learning about your business. This gives them insight into your processes, a key part of the consulting process. This also arms them with the knowledge necessary to handle a crisis in the future. If your car breaks down, you want a mechanic that has experience working on your car. Similarly, if you experience a major IT failure, you want an technician who already knows your network.

Your IT support specialist carries even more advantages if he works with a managed service provider like Xpert Technologies. Professional IT service providers have access to resources and experience that independent contractors and in-house employees simply don’t have, and an IT support specialist who works in a dedicated IT position every day is always ready to handle your challenges.

An IT Support Specialist Helps Your Bottom Line

If you make the decision to work with an outside IT support specialist, it will show on your financial statements. Outsourcing IT means that you won’t have to deal with payroll taxes, vacation time, workers’ compensation, and the other expenses associated with onboarding a new employee. Plus, you are likely to receive superior service on top of it all.

The work of an IT support specialist can improve every other aspect of your business. Those improvements compound when the specialist has the backing of a managed service provider. Putting an end to bottlenecks, inefficiencies and downtime will tighten up your operations and eliminate waste. Your customers will likely notice a difference in their experience as well.

How an IT Support Specialist Fits into Your Service Package

If you’re considering investing in an IT service package like xComplete, an IT support specialist will play an important role in helping your business successfully adopt new IT solutions. At Xpert Technologies, the process of implementing new technology starts with a consulting and design process. This process will include your future IT support specialist. That means that once your new network is up and running, your support specialist doesn’t just know your network – they had a hand in its design.

If you think your business could benefit from the work of an IT support specialist, there’s no reason to wait. At Xpert Technologies, our top priority is tailoring our suite of service options to fit your business. Give us a call or leave us a message to get the ball rolling – you have everything to gain.