Make government compliance simple and reliable with a managed IT provider

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Maintaining government compliance can often feel like jumping through a complex set of hoops. Sometimes, the tech decisions you make can affect your ability to maintain compliance without even realizing it. If you want to make government compliance easier, there are a few ways a managed IT provider can help.

Migrating to the cloud safely

There are lots of advantages to using cloud storage. Around 77% of enterprises have at least one application in the cloud, which means businesses are no longer using digital structures for storage alone. Thanks to its flexibility and the way it allows people to work from anywhere, the cloud is now a major business asset.

Because of the nature of cloud-based infrastructure, there are compliance standards that your cloud solution needs to follow. Your managed service provider can help you manage those risks in a way that maintains compliance while leveraging the full suite of your cloud solution. As a result, you can take advantage of cloud technology without worrying about your compliance status.

Protecting your government contracts

If your business relies on government contracts for any business, you need to be following compliance standards set forth in NIST 800-171. Often referred to as an IT security and visibility framework, NIST 800 sets forth standards for the handling of Controlled Unclassified Information, or CUI. This includes processes like access control and digital file transferring protocols. 

As a whole, NIST covers a lot of tedious and complicated recommendations that require a comprehensive understanding of technology solutions and processes to apply correctly to your business. With the right managed IT provider, applying the NIST framework to your business becomes a much more simple and easy process than attempting to handle it on your own.

Carrying out a security gap analysis

Security gap analysis looks at your current levels of security versus what is ideal for your organization. For example, a managed service partner can look for ways that ransomware could take hold of your systems. As ransomware attacks are attempted every 14 seconds, analyzing those particular security gaps is crucial. Falling foul of a ransomware attack is an easy way to throw a wrench into maintaining compliance.

A lot of businesses have security gaps without even realizing it. Using the right partner, you can perform a security gap analysis with minimal effort.

Take maintaining compliance off your plate

Making sure your business is on top of current and future changes in relevant compliance standards can seem like a full-time task. That’s why the most reliable and cost-effective way to eliminate compliance struggles is to find an IT partner with the right experience. 

A great MSP will perform regular compliance assessments without any drastic input from you or your staff. From these assessments, they can ensure that all your systems are up-to-date and within the guidelines of your industry. 

When you work with a managed IT partner, the struggle of maintaining government compliance is removed from the shoulders of your business. By finding the right partner, you can focus on the core competencies of your business and leave the tedium of IT and compliance management to the pros.