Is your data truly safe in the cloud?

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When you decide to store your business data in the cloud, it’s actually stored off premises on a hard drive by a third party. It’s convenient because you can access the information on the internet virtually anywhere. Small business owners often have several concerns about the safety and security of the cloud. However, there are several reasons why cloud storage is an extremely safe and secure option.

What are the concerns regarding cloud safety?

There are several general concerns that a business owner may have when keeping their data in the cloud.

  • Cyber Attack – This can include an intentional hack from a malicious source. The goal is normally to steal information or ask for ransom. Phishing and denial of service (DoS) are two cyber attacks that can happen in the cloud.
  • Security Breach – A security breach often occurs when data isn’t adequately secured and is viewed by individuals or entities that shouldn’t have access. Data could be lost or corrupted during a security breach.
  • BYOD – As the trend toward employees bringing their own devices continues, you may be concerned about lost or stolen tablets and laptops. Employees’ personal devices present unique risks that need to be addressed.
  • Weak Service Provider – You may be hesitant to store your data in the cloud because you fear trusting someone who may not always be looking out for your best interests.

Why is the cloud a safe place for your data?

While there are several legitimate concerns a business owner may have when storing data in the cloud, it is still an extremely secure alternative for data storage. There are several important reasons you should outsource your IT support, including security.

  • Offsite Storage – Many business owners are nervous about offsite storage, but that is one of the many reasons cloud storage is so secure. Encrypted data is stored in offsite facilities, making it extremely difficult for thieves to gain access either online or physically.
  • Advanced Technology – The best IT companies will have technologically advanced methods of storing your data. For example, sharding is a method of splitting data into chunks. Encrypted data is stored separately, making it extremely difficult for hackers to get your information.
  • Experience & Expertise – According to Forbes, many companies lack a mature security system. A quality IT company specializes in keeping your data safe. Most businesses simply don’t have the extensive resources or expertise to manage their data as well as an experienced IT company.
  • Ongoing Support – To be successful, you need to focus your time and energy on running your business. When you store your information in the cloud, you have a team of IT experts committed to monitoring your data so you’re free to focus on your business.

Who should you trust to secure your data?

While cloud storage is generally much safer than keeping valuable information onsite on a hard drive, choosing the right managed IT service is extremely important for successful data storage. While no system is one hundred percent safe, the security of your data will depend on the quality of the IT support team you choose. You need to find a committed IT team to provide the cloud security your company needs in today’s technologically advanced environment.

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