Is Your Investment in Fiber Internet Worth It?

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Fiber Internet is the fastest form of broadband technology. The biggest benefit of fiber Internet over its competitors like DSL and copper is that is offers faster speeds. Plus, with fiber optic cables, your data can travel for longer distances without degrading, making your connection quicker and much more cohesive.

No One Likes Slow Internet

We all understand the frustration of slow, laggy, and glitchy Internet. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

You have a limited 30 minute window to jump on your next video conference call with new clients, but your connection starts acting up and you can’t see or even hear the people waiting on the other line. Not only does that put you behind schedule for the rest of the day, but it also makes you look completely unprepared and unprofessional (not a great first impression to leave).

Or maybe your day is filled with sending emails back and forth, but your connection is unreliable, making it impossible to get your job done in a reasonable amount of time – and ultimately, forcing you to play catch up by staying late.

On an everyday basis, you and your employees are probably sending files to each other and to your clients. You have to review things, get approvals, and stay in constant communication every step of the way. The amount of time you spend waiting for a screen to load or for a file to send can really add up.

With fiber Internet, your Internet connection is future-proof, allowing for higher bandwidth, increased media consumption, and faster data transmission.

Why Fiber Internet Beats All

Faster Internet means happier and more productive employees. According to a study done by the Analysis Group, which examined 14 metropolitan cities with fiber Internet access over 41 neighboring cities where it isn’t widely available, the cities with access to fiber Internet had a 1.1% higher per-capita GDP than their counterparts. That adds up to $1.4 billion in new growth.

Fiber Internet is something that’s here and here to stay. If your business is ready to upgrade to next-generation Internet to increase productivity and employee morale, give Xpert Technologies a call today. We’ll get you set up easily!