Increasing productivity and efficiency with VoIP

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Recent innovations and developments have made a significant impact in the field of Telecommunications. With ever-changing technology, companies must invest in updated business tools. Advanced communication systems are now vital components for businesses focused on improving internal efficiency and productivity.

Among the communication systems available today, none has shown more suitability for business applications than VoIP. Many organizations are now adopting VoIP solutions to reinforce their communication infrastructure and reduce overhead costs. VoIP is also the cornerstone for unified communications (UC) – a system that integrates all business communication channels to exist on a single platform.

Boosting business productivity through adopting VoIP solutions goes beyond cutting IT and communications costs. Here’s a look at how using VoIP drives productivity in the workplace.

Receive calls anywhere

A VoIP system ensures that no calls go unattended and no messages get lost. A majority of internal and external business communication still takes place over the phone despite the availability of other mediums such as email, instant messaging, and social media. VoIP systems help businesses manage call traffic by automatically routing incoming calls to the right people and enabling digital voicemails.

Automatic call forwarding ensures that every call reaches the intended recipient via whichever device is available to them. For instance, incoming calls are redirected to a personal smartphone if they go unanswered using the Find-me or Follow-me forwarding features. Digital VoIP functions integrate voicemail with other mediums, such as emails and apps. The voicemail-to-email service allows employees to receive transcribed and raw voicemails directly to their inbox.

Additional features such as DND (do not disturb), Auto Attend, call screening, and monitoring help the organization save valuable time otherwise wasted on non-essential calls. VoIP can help your business answer more calls, minimize call wait time, and improve accountability and responsiveness. Ultimately, this helps build stronger customer and co-worker relations.

Effortless collaboration

The idea of remote working is gaining a lot of traction nowadays. This has created the demand for practical ways to bring remote workers together and keep them tethered to a central virtual workplace. VoIP connects all employees – both remote and on-site – to a shared data pool over a single network. Also, VoIP solutions allow for video conferencing, video calls, and shared-screen sessions that bring a sense of intimate participation in virtual meetings.

Having a communication system that supports collaboration at many different levels is an excellent way to get individuals and teams to work together as a collective unit. With guaranteed facilitation for cooperation, you can have a flexible workplace, which studies show improves employees’ morale, wellness, and productivity.

Easily access business information

Commercial VoIP services run on hosted platforms, which means they can be accessed and used from anywhere at any time. VoIP empowers mobility flexibility in the workplace, where employees can communicate and access business information while on the move, in the office, or even on vacation.

Hosted VoIP solutions promote staff mobility without compromising on personnel availability and collaboration in the workplace. Employees can communicate and share documents and files via their personal devices instantly, regardless of their location. Given that businesses have ever-changing needs, it’s essential to have a stable communication system that can is dependable in any scenario.

According to Global Market Insights, the global VoIP market is expected to hit $55 billion by 2025; that’s a 12 percent CAGR between 2019 and 2025. The industry’s rapid growth indicates that more and more enterprises are leveraging the benefits of VoIP solutions. Don’t get left behind in taking advantage of what is clearly a must-have for modern businesses.