Choosing an MSP is Like Picking the Perfect Bottle of Wine

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You’ve been planning this all week. The time is here and you’re starving. After going to three different butcher shops you found the perfectly marbled cut of steak. You sourced and ground all of the spices by hand to ensure the flavors wouldn’t overpower the meat. You drove 2 hours out of town just to get the right kind of wood and charcoal. Why? Just to ensure the steak absorbs the smoky flavor you’ve been imagining.

After all of the preparation for the steak, you realized you’ve been ignoring the perfect counterpart to the meal . . . the wine!

In your state of stress, do you settle for the cheapest wine you can find? Are you willing to risk all of that prep and planning to just any run of the mill wine you found at your local gas station?

We didn’t think so.

That level of attention and detail for the steak is exactly the way your care for and operate your business. Your IT infrastructure is the wine that complements your business on a daily basis. There’s no reason to settle on an IT provider that’s only value is providing you the cheapest support available. You want a partner that shares your commitment to the excellence of your business.

Any serious wine drinker will tell you that just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. And not all wines compliment every dish, just like not every MSP will compliment every business. So we will give you the tools to choose the right MSP for your business.

The Right MSP Should Add to Your Business, Not Take Away from It

They Understand Your Business

You wouldn’t pair a deep red zinfandel with a bowl of cereal. Nor would to partner with an MSP that doesn’t understand the needs of your industry. You should find a partner that understands your business functions and can articulate how technology plays a role in helping you achieve your objectives.

They Make the Perfect Recommendation

Having the right sommelier in your corner can make all of the difference. Most master somms ask you a slew of questions before they make a recommendation. Part of this process is that they know exactly what wine to choose from the massive selection they have knowledge of.

The right MSP will take a similar approach in the way they make recommendations. They want to know all about your business and make recommendations that are exactly suited to fit your goals and strategies. The right MSP will explain why their recommendations will compliment your business in a language you understand without confusing you with jargon.

Have you ever tried to make sense out of the description of the wine just from reading the back of the bottle? What does a “chewy tannin” taste like anyways?

They Complement Your Business Perfectly

The right wine accentuates and compliments the flavors of the dish it’s paire. It is there to elevate the entire experience. Without knowing exactly what you are trying to make, you could end up pairing your carefully prepared steak with a sweet riesling, instead of the nice malbec or cabernet sauvignon it deserves.

A Good MSP is just like a good wine. There are many out there but that doesn’t mean they are the right one for your business. It takes someone who truly cares to learn about your business and how they can complement you and help achieve your business objectives.

Let’s Discuss What You are Preparing

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