Business process improvement with xCloud

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As a business owner or member of upper management, boosting your process improvement should be one of your top priorities. The smarter and more easily your team can perform their function – statistically, the more functions they can perform.

In business, we’re all looking for ways to increase productivity. So, we tend to jump on a smart solution for creating process improvement within our organization.

When you’re ready to take your business to new heights, you need to ensure you and your team have the greatest advantage when performing their everyday tasks. An incredible first step in this direction is to find out what bringing Cloud computing can do for your office.

Not only will it help with process improvement, but it often saves businesses money in the long run. In fact, 82% of companies reportedly saved money by moving to the Cloud. When you open this door for your company, the possibilities are virtually endless


82% of companies reportedly saved money by moving to the Cloud


With xCloud, you can work from anywhere

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One of the first great benefits of Cloud computing people think of is the ability to log into your network from any connected device – virtually anywhere in the world.

Let’s say you’re on vacation with the family in Florida. You’re getting ready for a day on the beach, you’re wearing your swimsuit, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You’re 30 minutes from being on the sand – when your mobile phone rings. It’s work. Annnd of course, there’s a problem. The PowerPoint file you sent your sales director for today’s presentation won’t open. The file is corrupt, and they need a fresh copy of it  – in, like, 10 minutes. But you didn’t bring your laptop. What do you do??

Luckily, your office has xCloud by Xpert Technologies. You grab your room key, race downstairs, and jump on a workstation in the hotel’s courtesy business center. You log into your company’s Cloud-based network, find the original file, and immediately send it to the sales manager. Three minutes later, he calls you and says the new file is working. Crisis averted. He thanks you profusely, and you grab your towel and head to the beach for the day.

The great thing about xCloud is that – had the business center not been available – the same function could have been performed on your tablet or even smartphone. If xCloud can help you in an extreme situation like this one, just think of how easily it will be for you and your team members to work from any workstation whenever needed. Even working from home when they’re sick, on leave – or perhaps transitioning into remote worker status. These days, 86% of workers say they hit “maximum productivity” in the comfort of their own home. xCloud makes it all possible.


86% of workers say they hit “maximum productivity” in the comfort of their own home.


Rest easy in XCloud’s increased network security

We’ve already listed the ability to work from anywhere as being one of the main benefits of Cloud computing – now here’s one of the main concerns: security. Many falsely believe that migrating to a Cloud-based network will immediately open the door for an increased risk of data breach or loss.

However – quite the contrary – Cloud security is often much stronger than traditional methods. Let’s say one of your employees is traveling. They’re working on an important project on their laptop in the airport, then put the laptop down to take a break. When their flight is called, they reach over to put the laptop away – and it’s gone.

Suddenly, there’s an enormous risk of data breach, as the only thing keeping the thief away from all the company data stored on that laptop may be a login screen – which many hackers find easy to bypass.

But let’s look at the same situation – this time, with your data stored in xCloud: the employee’s laptop is stolen, and the thief gets it home and figures out a workaround to get past the login screen. They then begin looking for sensitive data – only to realize the laptop is clear of data, and they must log into the Cloud server – with all the correct credentials  – in order to access company data. Seeing the advanced security protocols, they give up on trying to steal data and end up selling the laptop for a few bucks on the dollar. Yet another crisis averted, thanks to xCloud.

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The way the world thinks about Cloud security is quickly changing. According to Forbes, close to 1/3rd of executives and professionals who have not yet implemented Cloud say security is their top concern – but with seasoned, heavy users of Cloud services, that number quickly drops to 13%, showing the benefits of increased Cloud security.

xCloud grows as you grow

With all these crises being averted – along with your team members being so productive from having easy access to work files – it’s not too shocking when your company begins to grow as a result. And that often presents some problems. Don’t get us wrong, company growth is a great thing – so long as it’s handled the right way.

Let’s look at a third scenario, and it’s a good one: your reputation is growing. Your company has begun to make quite a name for itself, and larger clients are taking an interest. In fact, one new client has the potential to increase your company revenue by 50%, so long as you can handle the load.

Of course, this is a thrilling prospect! You get your team ready for the increased workload, ensure all your bases are covered, and then you realize you’re going to need significantly more storage space. You call your IT consultant at Xpert Technologies to find out what you can do.

“No problem!” you’re told. “You’ve migrated to xCloud, so we’ll just increase your storage capacity on our end, and you’ll immediately have the storage you need. You’re good to go.” Yes, immediately – as in, that day. Your Xpert IT professional just makes some internal changes and you’re up and running with enhanced capacity.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, 76% of senior finance executives say the Cloud will be crucial to their organization’s strategies. When it’s time to grow and take your company to the next level, hearing “no problem” and “you’re good to go” can be quite refreshing, especially when the transition is completely seamless.

Get process improvement in the xCloud with Xperts

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting in a hard day’s work. However, when the hard work you’re putting in is “mostly running around” due to limitations on your tech and your network – while that may be working hard, it isn’t exactly working smart. The hard work of you and your team should be focused on growing your business, not taking extra steps that could be solved by working in the Cloud.

Let’s talk about how Xpert Technologies can help you in your business – not only with xCloud, but also in managing your IT and changing the way your business communicates. You’ll be amazed at how valuable a business partner we can be.