4 IT risk assessment blunders to avoid

Why is it crucial for your business to undergo a risk assessment? IT risk assessments are an integral part of your security management plan. But not all businesses know how to conduct a proper risk assessment and leave out many important steps. By learning from these common mistakes, you will be able to make better long-term decisions to secure and expand your business.

The 4 pillars of a modern-day cybersecurity framework

Your cybersecurity framework is one of the most important documents for your business. It'll protect you against constantly emerging threats and help you prepare for the worst when it comes to cyber-crime. With these four pillars, you can ensure it stays relevant.

Everything you need to know about phishing attacks

There are significant profits to be made from stealing organizational data. In fact, cybercrime damage costs are projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. Cybercriminals have plenty of tools to choose from, but they continue to use one of the most effective methods ever – phishing attacks.

Make government compliance simple and reliable with a managed IT provider

Maintaining government compliance is essential if you want to keep hold of certain contracts. At the same time, rules are always changing and it's difficult to keep up. Using an MSP, you can remain compliant without straining your existing resources.Make government compliance simple and reliable with a managed IT provider

Stay on top of NIST 800-171 with this handy guide

As with any government compliance, NIST 800 (and by extension NIST 800-171) are living documents. The nuts and bolts of the framework may change year to year, which means part of the battle of staying compliance is staying aware of changes to the text of the compliance.

Protect personal data by following these 5 easy steps

From social media to mobile apps, our personal data is everywhere, but do you know how to keep your identity and sensitive details safe? Here is an overview of 5 easy ways to avoid identity theft and look after your private and confidential

Do I Really Need To Adopt The Cloud?

Although 60% of American businesses use cloud computing, some businesses still aren’t ready to switch. Cost savings, mobility, and security in the cloud all mean you can’t put adoption off any longer.

6 Managed Services Stats Every Business Owner Should Know

How many managed services does your business rely on? If you're still deciding which ones to adopt, you may want to look at these statistics. From telecoms through to the Internet of Things, a lot is set to change for small and medium businesses over the next few years.

5 Steps To Prepare Your Business For Windows 7 end of support

If you're still holding on to Windows 7 and wonder what its End of Life means for your business, here's everything you need to know

What Makes VoIP a Disaster Proof Phone System?

Voice-over IP is a disaster-proof way to set up your company’s phone system to ensure flawless communication in your business, promoting further maturation and growth.