Landlines are dying off. VoIP is the future.

5 Reasons Landlines Should Die Off

Clinging to traditions can be reassuring, but sometimes it can hold your business back.
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VoIP Phones: The Essential Features for Modern Business Communications

We want to cut through that noise and show you exactly what you should be looking for in terms of phone features.
Cloud mobility allows you to work from anywhere. Even a mountain.

5 Benefits of Cloud Mobility

You may not yet realize just how much cloud mobility can change your approach to work.
An old phone is sad because of VoIP.

The State of Business VoIP: Should You Get Rid of Landlines?

As the big digital transformation unfolds, support for your old phone system is dying off.
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Better Your Business Communications Through Hosted VoIP Features

Better business communication means a better business overall.
Daily Dose of Fiber xConnect

Your Daily Dose of Fiber [Infographic]

Check out our infographic on our xConnect services called "Your Daily Dose of Fiber".

VoIP: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

VoIP, in its purest form, is a phone system that operates off of your internet connection rather than an archaic landline. The best VoIP operates through a fiber connection, which exponentially faster than an old-school landline.
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IT Support Hat Trick: 3 Famous Red Wings Quotes That Can Teach You About Superior IT Support

Managed IT solutions, like a sports franchise, should not be defined by their biggest wins, but by the ongoing operations that make them a success.
technology on yachts

The Best Yacht Technology Trends of 2017, with Predictions for 2018

One cool thing we noticed is that the better the IT industry gets, the better technology we see showing up on yachts. Here are a few of the best tech trends we saw in 2017.

Goodbye Landline, Hello VoIP

If your office is operating on a landline phone, you are using the same technology that was invented in the 19th century and perfected in the 20th century. In other words, it’s so last century.