The Best Yacht Technology Trends of 2017, with Predictions for 2018

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Here at Xpert Technologies, you’ll find quite a few boat lovers. All year, we like to bring you guys news about the newest technology for your business. So, to top the year off, we thought we’d tell you about some of the cool technology trends in the world of yachts.

One cool thing we noticed is that the better the IT industry gets, the better technology we see showing up on yachts. Here are a few of the best tech trends we saw in 2017.

Bluetooth by the Room

When you are out on a yacht, you hope for smooth water and smooth operations. It’s nice to have a bottle of chilled champagne ready on the deck. And boy do we love a refrigerator stocked full of our favorite beers and snacks. These are all features designed to elevate the yacht experience. And now, we can apply these trends to our digital interests.

Bluetooth localization allows your handheld devices to integrate easily with your environment no matter where you travel.

For instance, if you like a little Phil Collins on the speakers and a 68-degree temperature when you turn in at night, just walk in the room, Bluetooth device in hand, and these settings will automatically go into effect.

Pretty nifty, right? This is done by placing Bluetooth hubs in specific rooms and customizing settings to your preferences. Bluetooth localization can be applied to everything from lights and sound to temperature and security settings.

4K Ultra Video

If you have an awesome TV in your living room, you probably want it on your yacht, too. One of the biggest trends of 2017 was the installation of 4K video. This ranged from television to video walls.

One of the coolest trends we’ve seen is 4K video displays that take up an entire wall. These are ideal for folks who like to do a bit of gaming while they are sailing.

Another big trend we saw was al fresco theaters. When you take that 4k resolution out onto the deck, you get some beautiful cinematic evenings. Just, maybe, try to not watch Titanic, Cast Away or Open Water while you are out there.

If you’re on a romantic trip, there’s nothing quite  like La La Land in 4K overlooking a starry night above the ocean waters.

2018 Prediction: Wi-Fi Balloons

Recently, Google has had success with their “Project Loon”, their very own floating cell phone tower. The massive balloon floats 65,000 feet high into the atmosphere to relay signals to users.

Currently, the technology is being adapted to help people in areas who cannot access the internet due to natural disasters. We predict that the technology could also be used to access the internet when far out at sea and away from a reliable connection.

Once the technology is perfected – and it shouldn’t take long – then yachts can be equipped with Wi-Fi balloons of their own, enabling them to connect easier in case of emergencies and/or use them for basic entertainment purposes.

As video streaming becomes increasingly higher definition, it requires a stronger signal to reach the viewer. A Wi-Fi balloon could provide a strong enough connection for luxury entertainment viewing, a faster internet connection, and an overall more enjoyable trip at sea.

What does that mean for your business?

If you or your friend need some tips for sprucing up your yacht, hopefully those additions will help. Happy New Year, and as always give us a call or send us a message if you’d like to chat more about IT solutions…or yachting.