Become a Hero for Your Clients

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Bang! Pow! Wham! Superheroes come in many different varieties. Some can fly, some have super strength, and some are immortal. Because of their amazing and interesting powers, most people don’t stop to think about something equally critical: superhero information systems. In both the popular DC and Marvel universes, heroes and villains alike are constantly using technology services. But why would they ever need IT support?

Trust Your Super IT

Take two of the most IT-dependent superheroes – Batman and Ironman. DC Comics has Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), a playboy/billionaire who typically fights crime at night using advanced technological gadgets. Similarly, Marvel has Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), a genius/billionaire that uses his futuristic armor and tech to fight crime. These iconic heroes share many similarities. But, although they are among the smartest and most tech-savvy people in their respective universes, they don’t do their own tech support.

So who does?

As it turns out, both heroes own tech companies. Batman has Wayne Enterprises. Iron Man has Stark Industries. Both heroes know that it’s best to trust the most experienced professionals for their IT needs. At Xpert Technologies, we don’t necessarily provide support for Batcomputers or Iron Man suits (yet), but we do view your business as a hero that needs IT support. Your tools should always be ready when you need them. We understand the importance of keeping you up and running at full strength, so you can be a hero without worrying about your technology.

The Cloud and Communications for Caped Crusaders

It doesn’t just stop at Batman and Iron Man. Every dedicated superhero and superhero squad has access to a communications network that allows them to stay in contact, all around the world. Much like the hackers of our world, supervillains will often try to disrupt communications and throw heroes into disarray. Superheroes and businesses are a lot alike in terms of their communication needs. Both need to be connected at all times, and will suffer seriously from disruption of service.

Heroes also need cloud solutions. Though it sounds far-fetched, imagine a world where Batman must zipline away to his Batcave every time he needs to access a file on his computer. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Cloud solutions keep files safe, secure and always accessible so that heroes and companies alike can always stay connected to their precious data. Xpert Technologies can migrate your files to the cloud so that you can always have them at your fingertips. After all, you should never need to worry about saving the world without your files.

The Hero Your Clients Need

To your clients, you are a hero. Your work for them goes above and beyond, and you need a team and system that can keep you flying high at all times. With Xpert Technologies as your IT sidekick, we can keep you up and running to always save the world. If you’d like to learn more about how we could help you truly unlock your full superhero potential, contact us today.