5 Tools for Top-Notch Business Communications

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Communicating effectively is a key component for your company’s success. Developing a platform to build excellent business communications will help your organization stay effective and efficient. We have 5 tools for top-notch business communications  – so you can stay connected whenever, wherever.

Google Hangouts

This business communications tool makes voice calls, video calls, chat and multimedia messages easy and hassle-free. No matter the destination or location of your team, everyone can connect from any device. Hangouts lets you connect with up to 10 people from anywhere around the world. You can also keep a record of old conversations and use them as reference for future endeavors. Paid subscriptions give you the ability to increase the number of devices you can connect with.

Hosted Phone Systems

Are you constantly on the go? What about your employees? With the invention of hosted phone systems, there is now a cloud-based business communications system to help your increase accessibility and mobility. Hosted phone systems not only offer audio, web, and video conferencing but also includes unlimited local and long distance calling.


A simple and basic web-conferencing business communications solution, GoToMeeting allows  you to easily connect with people any want you want. You can enable features like screen sharing and audio over the web or phone for 1000 participants.

Unified Meeting 5

Unified Meeting 5 is your one-stop shop for an all-in-one audio, video and web conferencing platform. This business communications tool makes joining meetings as simple as possible. You are given scheduling tools, a streamline of audio call management, and the ability to integrate with other popular business communication tools.

Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting gives you the freedom to incorporate online and live meeting capabilities. Team members who join in will have the same momentum as if they were all together in one room. Users can bring documents, multimedia, animations and any other business tools into the meeting.
We know that every business needs tools to effectively collaborate. Business communications guarantees that everyone in your company stays on the same page and as a team you work together to achieve ultimate success.