5 reasons your business needs managed cloud

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The Covid-19 pandemic changed how many businesses operate, and cloud computing is the centerpiece in the new post-pandemic normal. Most companies benefit from partnering with a managed cloud services provider for their cloud computing needs. Here’s a brief overview of how managed clouds work – and five reasons why they’re superior to running your own cloud. 

Managed cloud 

Cloud computing lets you access various computing services on demand, including storage, software, and databases. The problem is, most companies don’t have the expertise or time to design and configure their own cloud. That’s where managed clouds come in. A managed cloud allows your company to access cloud computing even if you know very little about cloud design and infrastructure. In other words, a managed cloud services provider will:

  • Decide on the right cloud for your business
  • Handle your configuration, design, and storage needs
  • Offer you the support you need, when you need it

So, what can a managed cloud offer your company? 

Benefits to your business

While managed cloud services offer many lasting advantages for your organization, here are the main benefits you should know. 

1: Scalable resources 

Most importantly, managed cloud computing is entirely scalable to your needs. This means you can instantly scale up and down depending on business fluctuations. If you opt for a managed cloud, there’s no need to maintain or pay for excess resources you don’t need. 

2: Predictable costs

Predictions indicate cloud usage to continue to grow in 2021 and will no longer be just a “nice to have” service. It will be necessary to include in your IT budget. You can pay a fixed monthly service plan with managed cloud computing, helping you keep your expenditure predictable.

3: Reliable services

By monitoring your servers 24/7, cloud service providers help to reduce your downtime and improve your productivity. Your cloud services are available when you need them most, day or night. And, if there’s a malfunction, you know that experts are on hand to solve the problem. 

4: Consistent compliance

Don’t worry about your data protection requirements. Your provider can design a safe cloud environment and draft an effective compliance strategy for whichever industry you operate in, from healthcare to finance. 

5: Secure processes

Since managed service providers can monitor your network and cloud continuously, your data stays safe. You will benefit from professional backup strategies, network monitoring, intrusion detection, and disaster planning. 

Cloud implementation

Rolling out managed cloud solutions across your business is simple. Briefly, here’s how it works. 

  • You decide what you need from cloud computing, taking into consideration your budget and security needs. 
  • With the support of a managed cloud provider, you pick the right cloud for your business. 
  • Set up a phased migration plan, so everything going over to the cloud moves there in manageable stages.
  • Offer training and support to your employees.

Your managed cloud provider can talk you through these stages in detail, so you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Managed cloud services

From boosting operational efficiency to reducing your IT costs, a managed cloud provides crucial benefits across your business. For more information on managed cloud services and how to take your company online, contact us today.