The 3 Top Benefits of Switching to a Hosted Phone System

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Keeping up with business operations advancements can feel like a full-time job sometimes. Securing the best technology for your business is important, but while you were busy improving your network and hardware systems, telecommunications — especially VoIP phone systems — made a giant leap into the future. That leap was hosted phone systems.

Most businesses, probably including yours, have premises-based phone systems, with the hardware and data storage physically located in your office. An alternative growing in popularity is a hosted phone system that takes the system out of your office and hosts it through your internet connection using a provider who has their equipment at an off-site “cloud” data center.

There are many benefits to switching from your current phone system to a hosted setup, but today we want to discuss what we believe are the top three, based on our direct observations of customer experiences with the xPhone system:

1 – Savings from lower hardware and maintenance costs
Simply put, you don’t have to take care of your phone servers and systems anymore. If you have ever had a major issue with your phone system, you know that it can take hours if not days and thousands of dollars to be resolved. Because premises-based hardware is often difficult and costly to maintain and update, errors in these systems are more typical than in hosted systems.

As time goes on, tiny flaws in premises-based systems grow, causing major problems or even failures for the business. You are working hard enough to take care of your day-to-day business operations, so paying extra attention to something that we all take for granted, like your phone system, isn’t an option. Hosted solutions like xPhone are monitored constantly to check for potential errors so that they never skip a beat and you don’t have to think about it.

2 – Scalability from improved internal communications and mobile accessibility
Operating on a hosted phone system allows you grow at any pace without worrying about upgrades to your internal systems. Whether you need to add 5 or 25 phones, you have the freedom to adjust your business to your opportunities while staying connected with every aspect of your business.

Having a hosted, off-site system also makes it easier to stay connected and productive beyond your office, instead of being tethered to an internal server. More flexibility and access to your networks with mobile devices means you can stay competitive and responsive no matter where you are working.

3 – Streamlining your data backup and management
With a hosted phone system, you can rest easy knowing that your data is backed up and managed — without lifting a finger. A hosted system like xPhone is managed by a team of experts and specialists in telecommunications and information technology that accomplish this heavy lifting for you. Instead of a tiresome chore that you have to handle personally when you have time, data backup becomes a transparent, reliable process consistently performed and safely stored for you in an encrypted cloud to access anytime, as needed.

Among the many benefits of switching from a premises-based to hosted phone system, our top three emphasize the priorities of keeping your business moving forward: Saving money with lower hardware and maintenance costs, scaling your business quickly and streamlining your data backup and management. Using Xpert Technologies xPhone will save you the extra time, money and stress of hosting your own phone servers in the office.

Xpert Technologies takes our business and your business seriously. We only hire the best engineers and utilize the best IT equipment in the industry to take the stress out of foundational business operations like managing your phone systems or data backup. Switching to our hosted phone system will allow you to rest easy and focus on what matters most to you — serving your customers.