10 Signs You Should Invest in Hosted Phone Systems

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It’s tempting to keep your plain old telephone service (POTS) until it dies. However, this could be costly for your business.

There are many advantages to hosted phone systems, but knowing when to switch can be tricky. Here are 10 signs you’re ready to invest in hosted phone systems:

1. You Need to Manage Costs

Hosted phone systems are cheap to set up. Monthly subscription pricing means cost transparency, so it’s easy to budget.

Further, IP calls are far cheaper than calls made over traditional phone company networks.

2. Your Business Is Growing Quickly

Business growth can be a headache when you need to expand your workforce.

With a hosted phone system, new users can be added easily with a web portal. After this, it’s just a matter of connecting new handsets. No expensive phone lines to install.

3. Your Staff Often Works Remotely

Home working and client visits can mean your staff is difficult to reach. This doesn’t help your reputation when a client calls and the person they need to speak to is unavailable. With a hosted phone system, calls are forwarded automatically to mobile devices.

4. You Need Many Features

Features such as caller ID, call transferring and voicemail, are expensive to provide with POTS. With a hosted phone system these common features are often free.

5. Your Current Phones Are Obsolete

You may find your current phones are not manufactured or supported anymore. Can you afford to hunt for costly replacements if yours are damaged?

6. Your Call Volume Has Increased

More caller inquiries can lead to more sales, but you need to keep pace with those calls. A lot of callers who have trouble getting through never call back.

Upgrading to a hosted phone system allows you to add more phones easily. Hosted phone systems also automate many useful functions like welcome messages and call transferring. They also store caller data, telling you how many people are calling.

7. You’re Relocating

This is no problem with a hosted phone system. Simply unplug, move and connect again at your new location. There are no expensive phone lines to install.

8. Maintenance Is Costly

Don’t pay for expensive on-site visits to maintain and repair your phone network.  Business disruption increases your costs.

Cast aside those worries when you switch to a hosted phone system. The VoIP phone system is maintained and upgraded remotely, at no cost to you.

9. You’re Adding A Call Center

Call centers are ideal for improving customer service. Adding one using a POTS system is an expensive investment.

With a hosted phone system, call center functionality is a simple add-on to the VoIP package, reducing your installation costs. Essential features, including call routing, music-on-hold, and caller ID, all come as standard.

10. You’re Worried About Security

Hosted phone systems are implemented by skilled IT professionals who understand cyber security. They can protect your data using firewalls and other security features.

The web portal allows you to record calls, analyze call data and even monitor calls live. Hosted phone systems offer you peace of mind.

Time to Upgrade?

Letting go can be hard. But if any of the above points apply to your business, we recommend you consider switching over to a hosted phone system. Contact us today to learn more.